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The Value of Writing CSS

Eli Fitch in a tweet:

Don’t ever let somebody tell you that focusing on CSS doesn’t make you a “real developer”. Being good at CSS is rare, has tremendous value(sic)

This tweet really struck a cord with me. You could of course make the argument that people who write JavaScript to do things that CSS can easily do aren’t the “real developers,” but the point isn’t really to put anyone down as much as it is to add perspective.

I’ve had lots of issues with my professional identity recently. I thought I’d been doing this long enough where the moments where I didn’t know what the hell I was doing were becoming less. Yet, with the emergence of JS frameworks, it can feel like knowing CSS isn’t a big deal.

Fortunately, that thought is only my own insecurities playing a cruel game. Understanding how to write CSS is more important than ever, and while the trend to use JS frameworks is at full speed, CSS continues to be a cornerstone of the web; that’s not changing anytime soon. While keeping up with these developments in JavaScript are important, learning the amazing things we’ll be able to do with CSS soon shouldn’t play second fiddle.