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Normalize (CSS) No More 

Shaun Rashid:

Like many web developers, I have used a reset/normalize style sheet in a variety of projects with the intention of having a common starting point for all browsers when it comes to styling CSS. It’s been useful. It works great for setting a baseline to create web pages that are pixel-perfect reproductions of mockups from designs.

However, as I work with building responsive websites where the widening array of devices has changed the way that we design websites, I have fallen back to the age-old statement that answers the question of whether a website needs to look exactly the same in every browser. With the answer to that question, I have found that the reset/normalize stylesheet has become unnecessary.

Such a short article, but an excellent point. I’ll be removing the reset/normalize from this site and my personal site soon. Although I agree with Chris Coyier, I can’t live without this:

* {
  box-sizing: border-box;