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Webfonts on the Prairie 

Richard Fink on A List Apart:

If you can only be certain of what’s under your control on your server, which would you rather have—the certainty of webfonts that are precisely what you and your users want and need, or the crapshoot of fonts preinstalled by makers of operating systems that present you with moving targets that vary from platform to platform?


Webfonts—the ones designers choose—are the true “web-safe” fonts. They always were. If ever there was a time when, by chance, system fonts offered a safe and simple haven for web designers, those days are long gone.

Richard does an excellent job of arguing in favor of webfonts. I for one, completely agree. It seems crazy to give up one of the most useful and important design tools when with a little bit of work, we can make the experience great for the user. Yes, webfonts aren’t where we want them yet, but waving a white flag will only stall the great progress already made.