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Neonto Tries Their Hand at React

Neonto has just announced the impending release of a new design tool. Neonto Studio allows users to “Build real native mobile apps better and faster.” Their new offering—React Studio—is a design tool that creates single page React.js web apps.

From their site:

Exported code conforms to latest React+Webpack best practices. Image and video assets are properly resized and compressed.

This is both interesting and suspect. Could it be I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Dreamweaver and iWeb? Maybe. Can a machine output code as good as what a human can write? I’m skeptical. The thing is though, Neonto seems to have a pretty decent track record doing this kind of thing.

I’m doubtful this tool will be able to yield high-functioning and scalable web apps. That said, they definitely have my attention. It could be a great gateway into understanding React in a more holistic way—especially for designers.