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It’s Time to Rethink iCloud

Dan Moren writing for Macworld on the problems with iCloud:

It’s not just that the amount of space is a little sparse—especially for people looking to store, say, all the data that fits on their phones—it’s that iCloud can be pretty obnoxious about making sure you get the message.

Inevitably, when my friends and family talk to me about tech problems, iCloud is among the most prominent culprit in their tales of woes and frustration. Of late, I’ve especially heard several friends’ tales of being constantly bugged by messages that there’s not enough space in iCloud to store their backup, along with a wheeling dialog box encouraging them to upgrade their storage plan.

Dan makes a lot of sense here. The 5GB iCloud limit looks pretty ridiculous at this point, especially since the quality of the camera continues to increase with every iPhone update. Not to mention, we live in an increasingly digital world, where not only us computer geeks are managing many of our documents through the cloud.

While of course, there’s the argument that for .99¢, you could get 50GB of space, I think the argument of increasing the free space still holds water. Very much like we’d been clamoring for Apple to increase the space on the smallest iPhone, this seems a natural move. We just saw them increase the base model to 32GB. To me, that means Apple is listening when it comes to this stuff, but it happens very much on their timeline.