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iOS 10 is A Major Shift for iOS

Ben Brooks:

We’ve seen a shift where macOS is now looking and acting like a manual transmission — robust, accurate, and putting the user in full control. On the other hand iOS is very much acting like an automatic transmission — anticipatory, seamless, and convenient. What kind of transmission does your car have?

Ben makes a great point with his analogy: iOS 10 is a major shift for iOS. However, his analogy implies that just like most of us drive automatic cars, we’ll all eventually be using the “automatic transmission” of iOS.

While iPhone and iPad are more capable every year because of the advances in operating system and hardware, it’s a platform for consumers first. macOS is robust—and “manual” shall we say—because it’s what professionals need. While some signs seem to point to the fact that Apple has forgotten what “pro” means, my gut tells me they haven’t forgotten about us.

In the end, I have two cars. One automatic, the other manual, and I use each for what they’re best at.