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Introducing Night Owl

We are super excited to launch Night Owl today with a brand new show, Retake, and a brand new episode of an existing show brought over to Night Owl, Top Brew.

As our about page says, Night Owl is a hobby-driven podcast network for people that love creativity, technology, the arts, and enjoy a delicious cup of joe. In the coming weeks we hope to add a few more podcasts produced by both us (the founders) and some friends who have been waiting (very) patiently for us to boot up this network.

My friend’s Joe Darnell and TJ Draper launched their new podcast network Night Owl today. Joe and TJ are amazing gentleman who are producing some really great podcasts.

Here are some ways you can show support:

  1. Follow Night Owl on Twitter. This way, you’ll never miss a new show or announcement from them.
  2. Share the episodes and recommend them in Overcast. At the end of the day, word-of-mouth are really the lifeblood of any podcast.
  3. Subscribe and Review on iTunes. No matter what app you use to subscribe to the shows, as soon as you see they’re on iTunes, go leave a review. Not only does that make the hosts feel great about what they’re doing, but it also helps others find the show.

A huge congratulations to Joe and TJ for launching this network, and I really look forward to all the awesome shows to come.