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Working Remotely 

Jonathan Snook:

I’ve been fortunate over the past decade to have been able to, in various capacities, work from home—or work in place, as some like to call it. First as a freelancer, then Yahoo!, then again when I went to work at Xero, and now back to working for myself.

So, after all that time, what have I seen that works and doesn’t work? If I were to start my own company, would I allow remote workers? If I were to join another company, how would I foster an environment that encouraged remote work?

If you lead a remote team or happen to work on one, this post is for you. Jonathan’s thoughts on communication is of special significance. Communication—especially the written form—is invaluable when either working remotely or working on a team where some are. You need to document everything; there’s no other way to keep everyone in the loop.

But it all starts with us. It’s our job to help educate our onsite co-workers that documenting is not only helpful to remote employees, but in the end to everyone.