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Why I Quit Twitter 

Jonathan Weisman writing for The New York Times:

For weeks, I had been barraged on Twitter by rank anti-Semitic comments, Nazi iconography of hooknosed Jews stabbing lovely Christians in the back, the gates of Auschwitz, and trails of dollar bills leading to ovens. It all started after I linked to an essay, on my Twitter account, by Robert Kagan — one that discussed the emergence of fascism in the United States. At first, I let it flow, determined to preserve my Twitter time line as a shrine to hate and incontrovertible evidence of rising anti-Semitism. But last week, I had begun reporting the most egregiously abusive accounts to Twitter — and I’d received no response.

The things that were said to Jonathan are absolutely atrocious. The fact that Twitter doesn’t seem to care, makes them complicit of this abuse.