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You Should Probably Blog in Markdown 

Chris Coyier on the Media Temple Blog:

Maybe you’ll read that title and think:

Damn, Chris. Little dogmatic isn’t it? There are lots of ways to do things, especially on the web. Why be all prescriptive?

You’d be right. What I actually want is for everyone creating content on the web to create that content in a clean way that will serve them long into the future. Markdown, I feel, highly encourages that.

I just love Chris’ writing style, and I completely agree with his argument. Reason one and five are especially important to me, it’s why I’ve been using Markdown since 2012.

I write HTML all day, but writing in it sucks. And text files go anywhere you go; put them on Dropbox, or version control them with git. Mix them together with Jekyll, and you’ve got yourself a blog. If you love to write, Markdown is definitely your friend.