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Soundcloud Shuts Down Podcasts Temporarily 

Jason Snell writing on Six Colors:

I have no ill will toward SoundCloud, but they have never seemed to see podcasting as anything but a way to capture users and draw them in to their own ecosystem. Podcasting is a side business for SoundCloud, and linking to episodes of podcasts hosted by SoundCloud is usually a gigantic pain, because SoundCloud tries very hard to suppress file URLs. I don’t know whether they do it because they don’t get how podcasting works, or because they do get how podcasting works and want to try to break that approach so that people are driven to SoundCloud.

In any event, I don’t recommend that podcasters use SoundCloud.

SoundCloud seems to be stupid. Some very big podcasts have trusted them with their catalog, but I can’t see that continuing with this attitude. Like Jason, I recommend using a service that’s actually committed to podcasts.