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Super Bowl 50

My thoughts on this year's Super Bowl.

Friends and family who came over for our Super Bowl party.
Friends and family who came over for our Super Bowl party

I’ll keep this brief:

  • We had a fun time watching. We invited friends over, ate a lot of food, and argued about some of the calls. Some just came to watch the commercials.
  • Very happy for the winning team. Their offense left something to be desired, but my goodness, their defense was great.1
  • Coldplay played well, but Beyonce made the show for me. After Beyonce’s performance in Super Bowl 47, this is my favorite halftime show in a while.
  • Commercials weren’t all that great. The only two I remember are Puppy Monkey Baby which was nothing short of creepy, and the sheep singing “Somebody to Love”.
  1. Purposely trying not to spoil anything, just in case you haven’t watched.