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Using an Ad Blocker is Not ‘Puppy Genocide’ 

Timothy Geigner on Techdirt:

Lots of sites have recently made ad blocking software a target of their ire, complaining that such software ruins everything and is a form of puppy genocide or whatever.

Boy do they play the victim. His explanation of why people use ad blockers is on point:

There’s a reason why users use ad blockers after all: many online ads suck harder than a vacuum cleaner looking for love. But they don’t have to.

That’s what these idiotic, pushing-their-own-selves-into-irrelevance companies don’t seem to understand. We get that ads support their business, but we don’t want to be tracked, and the ad shouldn’t take over the freaking page. Serve me an ad, don’t track me, load the page fast, and I’ll gladly turn off my ad blocker for you.