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Twitter Implies Their Ads Suck 

Matt Gemmell on what he’s calling “tiered social media”:

There are problems with that approach, the main one being the tacit admission that their ads are detrimental. If you’re rewarding people by reducing the hostility of their experience, maybe just fix the experience for everyone, and find something positive to charge for instead.

Twitter has no idea what the heck they’re doing. The ads they’ve introduced to make them money are being devalued by none other than themselves. Like Matt, I never see Twitter ads, and I bet many others don’t either. Which also takes away from any value these ads could have. Twitter could do some type of “patronage” model, but it has made enemies with some of their third-party developers and most of their long-time users.

2016 is a pivotal year for Twitter, which could begin their decline, or (hopefully) a second rise in popularity.