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The Interview from Hell 

Steve Shogren:

This story fills me with an overwhelming desire to never continue the cycle of abuse. I strive every interview to try to respectfully work with the candidate, and never humiliate them. I want every person I interview to leave feeling loved as a human and respected, even if they are completely incapable to perform the duties of the job.


If you are interviewing others, take a serious look at your practices. Would a failed candidate feel humiliated and disrespected? What will they tell their coworkers and friends at meetups about your company? Will they talk about feeling respected, and how they hope to get the chance to work with you one day? Or will they talk of a group of self-righteous jerks who abuse their power to make others feel small?

I don’t remember how I came across this link, but I’m glad I did. I came away feeling so grateful I haven’t had a horrendous experience like this, and resolved to never be the horrendous experience for someone else.