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Samantha Bee Prepares to Break Up Late-Night TV’s Boys Club

Dave Itzkoff reporting for The New York Times:

The “Full Frontal” producers used a blind submissions process to hire new writers, meaning that they did not know the names or backgrounds of the people whose material they were reading.

Ms. Miller went a further step by creating an application packet for prospective writers to show them what their submissions should look like — what formatting, margins, abbreviations and lingo to use — so that no one would be penalized for inexperience.

The work that the Full Frontal producers have put into hiring a diverse staff is worthy of praise. From what I gather, it seems this show is one-of-a-kind in that effort.

When the The Daily Show didn’t even consider Samantha, I was shocked. Don’t get me wrong, Trevor Noah has done a pretty great job, but with the tenure and track record Samantha had, the oversight is completely ridiculous.

Fortunately, she’s found a new home where she can do her thing. Come February 8th, I’ll definitely be rooting for this show.