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Permission Slips 

Emily Mall:

I was too fearful of doing something wrong or messing something up. I needed someone to be willing to take the heat if something went wrong, like trusted friends and professionals. People willing to take the blame. Fearful thoughts get trapped in the spin cycle of: “I’m not supposed to do _____ . I can’t do _____. I don’t even think I’m allowed to _____.” “I couldn’t _____.” Or, “What will people think if I _____.”

Emily tackles the interesting topic of adult permission slips. I’d never thought of this in this way, but boy does it make sense. You grow up dreaming of all the things you’ll do when you become an adult; when you have the freedom to choose for yourself. Then, years later, you realize that you yourself are the biggest obstacle. You don’t give yourself permission.

After reading, I’m vowing to give myself permission for more things.