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Confidence and Overwhelm 

Rachel Andrew:

A lot of folk feel overwhelmed right now. Things seem to be changing so quickly. It doesn’t seem enough to be a good designer, or to know HTML and CSS well. Do we need to learn all of those frameworks? Are we “doing it wrong” if we don’t adopt that methodology and toolkit we were told is the way to do things by that big name speaker at the conference we attended?

I felt this last winter when I was looking for a job. Almost as if I didn’t qualify for my job anymore. That feeling is only amplified when you see everyone talking about the new thing, and how important it is you use it. If that’s not enough, your lack of adoption can feel like you’re “doing something wrong.”

If you’re identifying with these feelings, I recommend you read Rachel’s post. She’s been working on the web for a while, and following her advice on the topic will keep you sane and happy in this industry.