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Apple Cons f.lux With Night Shift 

Stephen Hackett on 512 Pixels:

In many ways, this f.lux/Night Shift thing is pretty similar to other examples of Apple moving into a space defined by a third-party utility: Reading List vs. Instapaper; Dashboard vs. Konfabulator; Sherlock vs. Watson.


The big difference is that f.lux can’t operate on iOS. Night Shift will be the way users can change their screens’ color temperature at night because it’s the only option.

Stephen went way too easy on Apple here. What they’re doing with this whole Night Shift thing is appalling. Not only did they steal—yea, that’s right, steal—an idea from one of their third-party developers, f.lux can’t even operate on iOS.

This is ridiculous. Apple needs to allow it on iOS. I don’t care if this stunt helps f.lux in the long run, it’s ethically wrong. This type of—what feels like a scheme of some sort—discourages developers from their platform.