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Stephen Hackett’s Mac Wishlist

Stephen on wanting a Retina Display:

Despite the technical hurdles in driving such a display over a cable, I really hope 2016 is the year that Apple’s lonely Thunderbolt Display is updated with a Retina screen. Such a screen will require the DisplayPort 1.3 specification to be implemented with Thunderbolt 3, so this may still be a little way off, but I hope that by the time I need to replace my Mid 2015 MacBook Pro, I can buy a 5K display to use with it.

Boy would I love a Retina Thunderbolt Display. I mean, as it is, I love my Thunderbolt Displays, but just thinking of all those amazing extra pixels? Freaking heaven. Anyway, on to Stephen’s other great wish:

OS X has been around a long time. Over the course of its life, Apple’s been speeding up its release cycles. Starting several years ago, a new version of the operating system has dropped each fall, alongside iOS.


I’m all for that, but it comes with a cost. Any release cycle comes with a round of potential headaches for consumers, IT professionals and developers. If there was a way to add new features in mid-stream — like the company did with in OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 — customers may be more at ease, and more likely to enjoy such improvements, as the barrier to entry would be lower.

I agree with this big time. The yearly cycle of Mac OS X has caused distrust in users to upgrade, and the root of that issue, being that OS X releases have become rampant with bugs.

Like Stephen, I don’t see this happening, but I think the usability benefits would be worth it.