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Time Off Leads to Better Work, Duh

Shawn Blanc:

There is no shame in taking time “off” of your work, in order to learn something, experience something, and be inspired.

This is the ebb and flow of work. This is having multi-year cycles where we grow in our mastery of creation beyond just mastery of tools and workflows. This is why resting well is so valuable and why learning, thinking, and discovering cannot be underrated.

So common sense right? It’s hilarious that we need to be told to take a vacation. Yet, until recently, I didn’t appreciate the drastic effect time away can have on your work.

I took two weeks to go to Europe with Kelly this Summer.1 No computer, no working, just sight-seeing and resting. It was amazing, my horizons were widened, and I came back ready to kick butt.

  1. She truly brings balance to my life. Goodness.