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The Gray Gray Ghost That I Call Home 

Chris Coyier nails it:

Discussions are always worth having. Weighing options is always interesting. Demonstrating what has worked (and what hasn’t) for you is always useful. There are ways to communicate that don’t resort to dogmatism.

What’s tricky is that you have to grow out of it. Or otherwise find a way to relax your convictions. They don’t sell empathy pills.

The problem is we haven’t learned how to have constructive conversations online. It’s not always the case, but most of the time, people are insulted, told things no one would ever say in person, and conversations spiral.

The other issue being that there are select people who drive the conversation in the web industry, and are highly regarded. But their word is not law, and we all have a responsibility to share our knowledge for a more well-rounded conversation.