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Instacast Discontinued as Vemedio Runs out of Money

Benjamin Mayo reporting for 9to5Mac:

Popular podcasting app Instacast for iOS and Mac is shutting down as the founders can no longer fund it or any of Vemedio’s other projects.


Hering seems to imply that profitability issues are the cause as the email plainly states “I ran out of funds to keep the project going”. The company’s Twitter account is now private and now redirects to a simple ‘Discontinued’ page.

I’ve been using Instacast for as long as I can remember.1 It’s sad to see it go, but “running out of money” is a real thing, and I can identify with that. Instacast was my favorite due to their sync to a Mac App which—contrary to what is popular—is essential to me. I love listening to shows on the Mac, and I don’t feel that listening to podcasts while I work distracts me.

With Instacast out, I’ll be using Pocket Casts. They have exceptional sync, and their design is great. They’re coming out with Apple Watch support soon, which I’m really looking forward to since I recently ordered one.2

  1. I tried looking up when the app came out, but all the Vemedio pages point to a discontinued page. I want to say I’ve been using Instacast since 2010. 
  2. I’m so excited! I ordered an Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray with Black Sport Band. I’m also interested in getting one of these