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MacStories Reviews Fantastical 2.2 

Federico Viticci writing on MacStories:

With version 2.2, Flexibits has built a powerful share extension that brings the full Fantastical interface to any app that can share text and links. From Safari, Drafts, Digg, and other iOS 8 apps that properly support share extensions, you’ll be able to tap the Fantastical icon to get the app’s complete UI for event and reminder creation.


What I like about Fantastical’s share extension is that it’s not a compromise – unlike other iOS 8 app updates, it’s not a bare-bones share sheet where you can type text with no other controls or menus. Flexibits has brought the full-blown Fantastical UI to a share sheet that has all the controls you’re used to.

Federico, as usual, writes an excellent review on Fantastical 2.2. When I say excellent, I not only mean that he loves the update, but his attention to what makes a calendar great is on point. This looks like a great update.