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Apple Becomes ‘Most Valuable Brand’ of 2013 

Apple has taken the top spot as 2013′s Most Valuable Brand, ending Coca-Cola’s 13 year streak as number one in the annual Best Global Brands report compiled by Interbrand. Coca-Cola ended up third, surpassed by both Apple and Google this year.

I think this is pretty big news. A company’s brand is based a lot on public perception, and for Apple and Google to surpass Coca-Cola, which in my opinion is the one of the best brands ever created,1 is quite the compliment on how they’re doing.

  1. You know you agree with that. Whether you’re a Coke lover, or Pepsi lover (Oh god, can I footnote the footnote?), Coca-Cola has been advertising it’s drink with bears… bears. If you can advertise your product without taking cheap shots at your competitor, you’re doing well. 

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